Young NET Donor Is on the Right Track

Cate is one of NET's young donors.

Cate is one of NET's young donors.

An engineer training to manage a track maintenance crew, Cate works for Union Pacific and lives in Fairbury. Her rail line runs from Gibbon to Marysville, Kansas. Cate's enjoying her new job and her new state and has become an avid NET Radio fan. She's also chosen to support NET as a major donor.


• Listening to classical music—definitely.

• Local news—certainly.

• Gaining an international perspective— absolutely.

"It's for people looking for sound journalism. It helps me work and it helps me be smarter and it helps me have a better perspective, it's great," she adds. "In my job you're listening to loud trains all day, every day, so it's nice to have something more relaxing to listen to when driving. NET's local news is also a great resource. I love local politics and what is going on in my community. Having hourly updates on weather is really helpful, especially in my job."

Although she didn't have extra cash while a student at Purdue University, she's pleased to be able to support public media now.

"I asked, why don't I give back to the community in something I love and something I've put hours a day into? That would be NET Radio. I want to give back so that they can keep giving me these great programs," Cate explains.

As part of the millennial generation, Cate is bucking the perception of young adults born in the 80s and 90s, sometimes described as "Generation We."

"A lot of people like to say the millennial generation is the selfish generation. I completely disagree. I would say, ultimately, that what we see and what we want is authenticity and we want these characteristics in our media like PBS and NPR," she adds.

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