Retired Teacher Is Major Fan

Kate Bradley

Kate Bradley is supporting NET with an estate gift so that the programming she counts on for enrichment and reliable information continues for years to come.

"NET's programs enrich my life and have brought me a lot of pleasure. Masterpiece is always good—especially Downton Abbey— and I've gotten my fingers dirty with Backyard Farmer. I've learned so much from the Ken Burns' series on the Roosevelts and rely daily on PBS NewsHour for reliable and in-depth news coverage," says Kate Bradley, a retired Omaha elementary school teacher.

"Arts and humanities feed my soul. That's why I've included NET in my will," she says.

A graduate of Duchesne College of the Sacred Heart in Omaha, Kate explains that the college had a tremendous emphasis on the humanities, and her aim was to establish a legacy to help fund education programs that include the humanities.

"I believe that legacies need to feed education to have longer-ranging effects, and I believe in NET. I may not be a major donor, but I am a major fan."

Kate grew up in a family of four girls in Howells. "My parents raised us with all the right things, which really weren't things. They frequently reminded us that they wanted to give us the kind of things no one could ever take away: faith, love, education, travel and aesthetic experiences."

After her dad died, Kate's mother joined her in Omaha for 19 years. Now with more time to travel, she said she is warming up her passport for a river cruise in Europe, and she plans to return to China. 

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