Public Broadcasting Strikes Her Fancy

Ron Hull

It's a Team Effort
Lois's other passion is classical music, and she gets her fix every day from NET Radio. She has been a loyal supporter of the network for decades, and even worked as an assistant in the membership department in the 1970s and ‘80s, a job she describes as a "labor of love." Later she volunteered, answering phones for Classics By Request. She loves all things musical on NET Television, too. "I'm a strong supporter of both NET Radio and NET Television," she says. "The programs are refreshing, and you find a fairness on public broadcasting that you don't get on commercial stations."

A Home Run
Quality programming is one reason why Lois decided last year to make a substantial gift to the Foundations' permanent endowment fund. "I always wanted to do it, but I didn't always have the means," says Lois. When she was left an inheritance gift Lois decided the time was right, and making the gift at the end of the year allowed her to reap significant tax benefits.

Supporting NET's endowment also fits well with Lois' dedication to community. Always active in her town and church, Lois still works as coordinator for the Beatrice Community Pantry, which provides food and emergency services to 4,000 people in need each year. She is also a supporter of Doctors without Borders and Habitat for Humanity. In fact, she first learned about Doctors without Borders from an episode of Charlie Rose on NET Television. "I've learned so much from public television and radio," says Lois.

We at NET are grateful to Lois for her support and glad to have her on our team!

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