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Aneta Murray

Aneta Murray

Aneta Murray was exactly the kind of neighbor you wanted on your block. She would invite you over for dinner, entertain your kids and always said yes to road trips when you wanted a travel companion.

Sharon Wiedel became good friends with Aneta more than 30 years ago, and fondly remembers sitting on her front porch piecing together jigsaw puzzles.

"She was everyone's friend," Sharon says. "She would take neighbor kids on picnics to Ft. Kearny or help them build trains in the driveway. She had us over for meals every week."

Aneta also loved listening to the radio and often tuned to NET Radio, Sharon recalls.

"The only time she would switch to another station was when the Cornhuskers were playing football," she says. "She liked both classical music and news, and often discussed the international topics of the day. She always listened to Car Talk and A Prairie Home Companion, too."

Aneta passed away in February 2015 at the age of 98, but prior to her passing, made a generous gift to NET Radio in her will. "She wanted the NET Radio programs to continue," Sharon says.

Before she retired and moved back to her family home in Franklin, Aneta taught special education in the Denver Public Schools. She lived her last four years at the Golden Living Center in Franklin, where Sharon worked as a nurse.

"She was sharp right up to the end. We went to dinner Friday night before she passed on Monday," Sharon says.

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