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A Global Vision
Isabella Threlkeld's global vision is for her fellow Nebraskans to experience a different life, a new culture, if only for a moment. And she knows she can achieve that vision at least in part through NET — that's why Isabella has included NET in her estate plans.

The Art of Travel
Isabella has traveled the world — Norway, Sweden, Spain, Morocco, Italy, North Africa, France — absorbing the nuances of each culture and weaving pieces of each place into the fabric of her own life. As an artist she's always been keenly aware and appreciative of her environment, so travel, she notes, was "conducive to my betterment."

In between her travels Isabella earned a bachelor's degree in art from Wellesley College in Massachusetts; a master's degree in art therapy from American University in Washington D.C.; and another master's degree in art history from the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

While a student at Wellesley she even had the opportunity to meet Albert Einstein. At the request of her uncle, an engineering professor at Yale University, Isabella sat in on a number Manhattan Project meetings. She was instructed to take notes and make sketches of the participants, including Einstein, whom she describes as a "charming little man, very gentle, very kind." The meetings were top-secret, the language shifting from French to Italian to English to German, and her notes and sketches were confiscated at the end. "I knew they were talking about building something in Los Alamos. I had no idea what, but I knew enough to be scared," says Isabella.

Her career took myriad turns, from art therapist at Walter Reed in Washington D.C. — where she worked with amputees back from the war — to art instructor at Duchesne and Bellevue colleges in Omaha. But she's probably best known for Threlkeld Art Studio, a business she launched in 1977 following the death of her husband. Isabella ran the Omaha studio for 30 years, until just recently when she moved to Mable Rose Estates.

Expand Your World
"My interests are international rather than parochial; they're not confined just to art and Nebraska," says Isabella. "And my wish is for others to broaden their cultural views, too."

That's one reason she watches NET Television and why she feels public television is the perfect vehicle for helping Nebraskans expand their world. "We live in Nebraska, a state landlocked on the large continent of North America that acts like a giant blanket, comforting and protecting us," she says. "Most of us turn away from anything new, anything different, but we need to embrace the new in order to grow."

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