Memorial Gift Honors Bob Posvar

Bob Posvar

Bob Posvar with granddaughters Anabel and Eloise.

Donna Posvar recently gave NET a gift in memory of her husband Bob who passed away in December. "Bob decided the charities that were given in his memory, and he chose NET because of its world views and in-depth news stories, which he very much enjoyed," she said.

"We logged a lot of radio time on the road for his cancer diagnosis and treatments the past three years. Since then, I have found NET Radio's classical music calming and soothing and have been listening to it almost exclusively," said Donna.

Bob Posvar grew up on a farm near Schuyler and received a psychology degree from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln (UNL). He served in the Peace Corps in Nepal, worked in Germany and Iran and traveled all over the world. After returning home, he earned a master's degree in computer science from UNL and worked as a systems analyst for LT&T Aliant for more than 20 years. His last and most favorite job was immigration work for Homeland Security.

"He loved having a world view and looking at and experiencing other cultures, " his wife explained.

"We have always listened to NPR, but it was during the years that we lived in Seward that we appreciated NET Radio more than ever. Bob commuted to Lincoln and listened to Morning Edition during his drive. He loved listening to the news, especially international news," said Donna.

An avid sports fan, he also played softball and volleyball and coached his children's soccer and volleyball teams. Son Matt and daughter Sarah both live in Lincoln.

"We have always appreciated the games that NET airs, including the state high school championships, as this is one of our main draws to NET Television," Donna commented. A huge Husker fan, Bob joined the UNL event staff during women's basketball games and manned the Nebraska Heisman Room during football games.

Their life in Seward was idyllic. "We had an acreage with a huge vegetable garden, vineyard, fruit orchard, and berry patches, and Bob enjoyed his John Deere tractors," said Donna. They moved to Lincoln recently to be closer to family. "We have four beautiful granddaughters who are the light of our lives and helped Bob get through many a rough day," she added.

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