Country Doc Makes Lasting Gift

Dr. Kenneth Stout

Dr. Kenneth Stout left a generous gift to NET through a charitable remainder trust.

A lifetime of ceaseless service to the community can continue even after the servant has passed on. The work of Doctor Kenneth C. Stout is a prime example. He was one of the last “country docs” who made house calls and worked all hours to care for residents of Benkelman, Nebraska, and surrounding counties.

As a young man, he worked two jobs in Oxford, Nebraska, to save money for medical school— as a drug store clerk for 8 cents per hour and movie projectionist for 25 cents per hour. After serving his country in WWII, he began classes at the University of Nebraska and received both his bachelor’s and medical degrees in 1952.

He settled in Benkelman in 1955 and spent half a century serving thousands of patients in southwest Nebraska, northwest Kansas and northeast Colorado. A legendary physician and philanthropist, he passed in 2016 at the age of 97.

Dr. Stout’s service did not stop with his passing. Some years ago, he set up a charitable remainder annuity trust, often referred to as a CRAT. A CRAT provides you with an immediate tax deduction and dependable income for the rest of your life, without worry of stock market swings. With this trust, you also support the NET endowment for years to come.

He once worked for 8 cents per hour. After his lifetime of service and through his use of the charitable gift remainder annuity trust, Dr. Stout’s estate left nearly $1 million to NET! If you are interested in a CRAT or in other charitable methods to ensure NET’s future, explore your options online or contact The NET Planned Giving Office at 800.634.6788 or today.

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