Retired Teacher Made TV Part of Her Lesson Plans

Cherie Bayley

Cherie Bayley named NET a beneficiary of her estate plan. Her gift will help support the future of quality programming.

Once an educator, always an educator. Cherie Bayley should know. She started in the classroom as a teacher in the Millard Public Schools in Omaha. She also worked at the Nebraska State Education Association and for the Lincoln Public Schools as both a teacher and administrator for federal family literacy programs.

As an elementary teacher, Cherie said she would roll a television cart down the hallway, and when she pushed it through the door, it was like having a pot of gold come into her classroom.

"We watched The Electric Company, and the kids just couldn't wait until the next episode," she recalls. The favorite character, "Fargo North, Decoder," helped students learn sounds that could improve their reading skills. "It was so cleverly done, and it captured the imaginations of my students."

Cherie also recognized the value of public television programs for children when she was working in family literacy and with those learning English. "It wasn't just the parents. It wasn't just the kids. The 'wow' happened when parents and kids worked together," she says. "If kids are going to watch TV, it should be NET."

Describing herself as a lifelong learner, Cherie explains that watching and listening to NET is an easy way to extend that commitment. "I never miss the PBS NewsHour. It makes me think, and that is priceless."

Cherie listens to NPR much of the day and night, keeping up with the news and enjoying classical music. On Saturdays, she rarely misses her favorite programs—The Best of Car Talk, Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! and The Moth Radio Hour. Cherie and her late husband, Barc, considered donating to NET to be part of their routine.

Recently, she decided to make NET the recipient of proceeds from several certificates of deposit as part of her estate planning. "Being an educator and desiring quality programming, it makes good sense to support NET. When you contribute, you always get a return."

Like Cherie, you can support quality programming with a future gift to NET. To get started, please contact The NET Planned Giving Office at 800.634.6788 or for more information.

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