Carl and Marjorie Georgi Establish a Fund for NET Radio


Mary and Todd Georgi have contributed to the Carl and Marjorie Georgi Fund to benefit NET radio for more than two decades.

A fan of classical music and a devoted listener to public radio - that is how Todd Georgi described his father and why he established a memorial fund in honor of his parents Carl and Marjorie Georgi.

"Dad would make crystal sets and stay up all night listening to stations far away. We used to assemble radios from a Heathkit. It was cutting edge," Georgi reminisced. (The crystal set was the first radio for broadcast reception and required no batteries.) "He was fascinated with public radio and liked the quality without the ads."

"Public radio is a necessity. News is covered calmly and in-depth. It provides a more neutral, objective viewpoint," Mary Georgi added.

Mary said her favorite NET Radio programs is This American Life. "It's fascinating. You won't hear it anywhere else," she said of the weekly show hosted by Ira Glass. It airs Saturdays at 3 p.m. CT and Sundays at 5 p.m. CT on NET Radio and features short stories and essays. Todd listens to NPR's Morning Edition during his morning commute.

While Mary grew up on a farm near Scotia, Todd grew up in Lincoln. They met when Mary's brother Tom was a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Todd was his teaching assistant. Both Mary and Todd are educators and live east of Crete on a 52-acre farm they share with their two dogs and 20 or so barn cats. They built their home 28 years ago and have since filled it with books, art and memories from travels abroad.

Love of Travel
Education and travel are interconnected. Todd has taken five different student groups to Australia and another five to Europe and they listed China, Japan and Hawaii as other destinations. Last summer they took the river cruise "Waterways of the Tsars" from St. Petersburg to Moscow, noting surprise at the affluence they saw in Russia. Their next adventure is a trip to Australia in July.

Commitment to Education
The family has a significant commitment to learning and helping students achieve. Carl Georgi taught biochemistry at UNL from 1935 to 1973. Todd earned both his master's and doctorate degree and Mary earned her bachelor's and master's degrees - all from UNL. Carl Georgi earned three degrees in biochemistry, with extensive experience working on bacteria. Marjorie Georgi attended Wilson College in Pennsylvania, one of the first colleges for women in the country with a robust liberal arts tradition.

This is Mary's 35th year teaching senior English at Crete High School (her 45th year of teaching) and Todd's 36th year. He was a professor of biology at Doane College for 28 years and now teaches microscopic anatomy in UNL's veterinary science program. Soon to retire, they're beginning to discuss Alaska and the Grand Canyon for destinations in their future.

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